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Then there were five

John Redwood (Wokingham)

The elimination of only one  contender drags out the contest a bit longer. The contest anyway has become  a race for second place, to see who would be best to go up against Boris in the  lengthier phase of the contest appealing to the members in the country. I think a Johnson/Hunt contest would be best.

It was unfortunate that Rory Stewart wishes to turn the contest into a re run of the referendum, in denial of the clear stance for Brexit all Conservatives put to the electorate in order to become MPs in 2017. He studiously avoided even contacting many Conservative MPs he knew to be committed to our 2017 promises, preferring to attract the support and good wishes of the media, especially the BBC, and sections of  the general public  wanting a second referendum. He then claims he could get the completely unacceptable Withdrawal Treaty through the Commons after its three big defeats.

The contest has had an unreal air for another reason. Several of the candidates claimed they could renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement in time for  our exit on 31 October. There has  never been any glimmer of reason to suppose the EU would enter deep and serious talks about rewriting the Agreement, or that such work could be completed between the end of July and the end of September allowing time to ratify the Agreement by both sides.

The BBC debate was dreadful. It was set up  and chaired badly so we learned little. There was no wish  to allow or require a serious discussion of the major issues facing the country. Boris was constantly interrupted by the presenter and the BBC pursued its agenda to make sure the candidates could not discuss the great opportunities that follow if we just get on and leave.

BRENDAN O’Hara MP is backing a call from Cancer Research UK to help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. Argyll and Bute MP, Brendan O’Hara met staff and volunteers at the charity’s Helensburgh shop on Friday 14th May to play his part and show how local people can support the charity. Predictions … Continue reading ARGYLL AND BUTE MP ROLLS UP HIS SLEEVES FOR CANCER RESEARCH UK

Gwynne signs #YouthFriendlyMP Charter

Andrew Gwynne (Denton and Reddish)


Andrew Gwynne has signed the Youth Friendly MP Charter – pledging to support  youth employment in Denton and Reddish.

In May this year, Youth Employment UK published their 2019 Youth Voice Census, revealing the experiences of more than 3000 14-24-year old’s as they transition between education and employment. The survey showed that young people fear that where they live, a lack of experience, and a perceived lack of jobs, as well as mental health challenges, will prevent them from finding work.

To recognise what more can be done, Youth Employment UK with the support of the APPG for Youth Employment, have created a Youth Friendly MP charter based on five key principles:

1) Youth Voice – listening to young people in order to understand their barriers and challenges to employment, and work to help them to overcome these challenges.

2) Developing Young People – supporting quality learning and development opportunities for all young people, advocating education and training pathways that meet the needs of individuals.

3) Creating Opportunities – Supporting good quality youth employment and recognising those Youth Friendly Employers that are leading the way in offering quality early careers, work experience and employment opportunities to young people.

4) Recognising Young Talent – Celebrating the important role young people play in our local economy as employees, apprentices, and graduates, and their role in our local community through social action and volunteering.

5) Fair Employment – Helping to ensure that young people are treated fairly in the work they do.

Denton and Reddish MP, Andrew Gwynne, said:

“As a Youth Friendly MP, I will be leading the charge for creating Youth Friendly Communities. It is vital that for all of our communities, that youth groups, parents, employers and government are working together to create a place where all young people can fulfill their potential.”

Jesse’s Hereford Times column: My leadership manifesto

Jesse Norman (Hereford and South Herefordshire)

I decided last week, after wide consultation, not to throw my Stetson into the ring of the Conservative leadership contest.

Education Select Committee

Ben Bradley (Mansfield)

Quite a tough Education Select Committee hearing this morning where we quizzed the Social Mobility Commission about their effectiveness and value.
I asked the Chair if we wouldn't be better scrapping all of these boards, panel and bureaucratic quasi-government organisations and instead putting that money in the our public services. I expected her to make a case for why the Commission adds value, but she actually agreed with me.
There are so many Commissions, Inquiries, Boards and other organisations set up and spending taxpayers money, and I honestly just don't think it's effective. If we put all of that cash in to local government services and education instead we'd do far more to make things better!


Matt Warman (Boston and Skegness)

Matt Warman MP visited the site of the Old King’s Head at Kirton on Friday (17th May) for an update on progress towards restoring this historic building and giving it a new lease of life as a B&B, Café/Deli and Community Space.

The building was purchased by Heritage Lincolnshire in 2016 and its conservation has been funded by a £1,987,300 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. With its original date stone from 1599 (although there is evidence of an older building on site), the Old King’s Head is an integral part of Kirton’s history and is Kirton’s oldest secular building.

Matt heard from Heritage Lincolnshire project manager Matthew Bentley about the visits organised for the local primary school to involve them in the project including a ‘big dig’ archaeological excavation which, amongst other finds, has turned up some fragments of medieval pottery.

Matthew Bentley emphasised the support the project has had from the Kirton community including £6,000 raised through local crowdfunding. He said, “With all our heritage projects Heritage Lincolnshire tries to involve local communities as much as possible and we’ve been delighted with the support we’ve had from Kirton residents. With its location on what was once the main trading route from Boston to London, the Old King’s Head is now ideally placed to attract visitors to the area and we will be working in partnership with, for example, the RSPB to spread the word and encourage tourists to come and visit this fantastic historic building.”

Speaking after the visit Matt said, “I was delighted to visit the Old King’s Head and see the sympathetic approach that is being taken to conserving this historic building and making it fit for its new purpose at the heart of Kirton’s community once again. Importantly, the project is also offering jobs and skills to our local area with three new apprentices from Kirton currently working on site. Once open as a B&B and Café, the Old King’s Head will bring a vital tourist amenity to Kirton as well as offering a flexible community space. I look forward to tracking the progress of the project through to its completion, expected around April of next year.”

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