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The election in Wokingham

John Redwood (Wokingham)

Over the last few weeks I have re-visited every town, village and small settlement in the constituency. I have talked to people, canvassed and delivered leaflets as a candidate does. From Parkers Corner to Norreys, from Riseley to Winnersh, from Aldermaston Wharf to Evendons I have walked and driven round  the area. I have just thrown away a pair of shoes which fell to bits  under the effort.

I have sent out two different  leaflets by free post to every two person household, and with my team hand delivered a longer four sided leaflet setting out what I and the Conservatives would like to do if elected with a  majority.

It has been a frustrating election as half the other candidates refuse to join debates. One of them has sent out a leaflet attacking me with lies about my views, with no content about what she would do if elected.

I have decided to continue with my positive campaign, explaining what I have been doing and what I want to see through and do next to make the Wokingham constituency an even better place to live in. I am also stressing how we can have a more prosperous country if we get that Conservative majority with the public service boosting and tax cutting budget we now need.

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I am glad that our 2019 manifesto commits us with the following pledge: We will make no changes to the Hunting Act. I have now advised two Prime Ministers that this should be the position and I am glad it has been adopted. The pro-hunting lobby seems to have accepted this law and I am under no pressure from the other side. I hope we will now be able to leave this issue behind as settled.

Local Traders are the heart of Edinburgh’s Christmas Market

Deidre Brock (Edinburgh North and Leith)

As the annual celebration of small businesses comes around this weekend, we celebrate Small Business Saturday with a look at the small local traders taking part in Edinburgh’s Christmas Market.

Communication is a priority

Ben Bradley (Mansfield)

Biggest ever pothole-filling programme

Michelle Donelan (Chippenham)

As we enter a cold Winter here in Wiltshire, our roads will be tested by very tough conditions and inevitably, more potholes will spring up locally. While it may seem like a small issue, potholes present a significant problem for thousands of motorists in the Chippenham constituency – causing damage to cars and making some stretches of road potentially hazardous.

While serving as your MP, I have taken this issue seriously and made significant progress by working with Wiltshire Council and Transport Ministers to get our pothole problem sorted. Through my campaigning efforts in Parliament on your behalf, we managed to secure £6.6 billion for local highway authorities including Wiltshire Council between 2015 and 2021 to help them improve road surfaces, fill-in potholes and maintain local bridges. I am proud to announce that the Conservative Party will also be investing £2 billion directly into the biggest ever pothole-filling programme on a national scale.

At the same time I have been working to make sure that Wiltshire Council gets its fair share from the Pothole Action Fund so that teams are able to go out and fill potholes in on a ‘find and fill’ basis. New technology in both road materials and pothole filling vehicles is also becoming available to us locally, so if I am re-elected I will continue my hard work to take us forward to our goal of having a pothole free county in the future.

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Compensation package for Waspi women

John Healey (Wentworth and Dearne)

Labour has pledged compensation packages for millions of women hit by state pension age rises imposed by the Tories.

Pay-outs of up to £31,000 will be made, with an average payment of £15,000.

The scheme will be delivered within Labour's first full five year term of government.

Payments will go to women born in the 1950s who had their state pension age hiked.

David Cameron's coalition government presided over a change in the law that increased the women's state pension age to 65 in November 2018 - followed by 66 in October 2020.

Labour will introduce a compensation scheme as rapidly as possible for the 3.7million women hit by the changes, which Cameron's Tory-Lib Dem government imposed in 2011.

It comes after Boris Johnson u-turned on his pledge to help those affected.

He dismissed the concerns of a woman who has lost out on her pension, telling her it’s “not possible” to right the huge wrong she and so many others have suffered.

The next Labour government will compensate women who were unfairly hit by the rise in the state pension age and give them the respect they deserve.

They were not able to prepare and have had to suffer serious financial consequences as a result.

We have a historic debt of honour to them.